Our Mission is to help young athletes overcome the rising challenges of sports registration, tournament fees, and equipment cost by giving them the tools to raise the money needed to participate.

A Fundraising Platform Built by Coaches That Do Fundraisers

Fund Youth Sports was founded by youth coaches who saw that old fashion door to door fundraising was too slow and outdated. They realized they needed to create a funding platform that was quick, efficient, and up to date with today’s technology.

The Fund Youth Sports funding platform allows for a percentage of the fees collected to go to the organizations or leagues that support their local youth fundraising programs.


The safest and most effective way to raise money for your youth organization is to utilize practical online fundraising tools.


Our platform offers an easy-to-set-up fundraising page, allowing all financial gifts to be collected online and ONLY accessible by the team administrator.


We provide the tools you need for a successful fundraiser by offering SMS text messaging, email, and social media sharing features.

Ready to make a difference?