Julián Reyes

Help Julian get through the season on his road to National Championship!

We've raised $1,910 of our $7,500.00 goal

Help Julian get through the season on his road to National Championship!

Hi! My name is Julian Reyes, an 8-year-old student athlete from Chula Vista, CA. I'm reaching out to share my excitement as a member of the prestigious OG Ducks, the #1 youth football organization based in Corona, CA. Being part of this incredible team has not only helped me improve my football and wrestling skills but has also provided me with invaluable mentorship and guidance. Currently, I am dedicated to driving four times a week to compete against the best in the nation. My team and I push ourselves to the limit to represent our community with honor and pride. This season, we have an amazing opportunity to compete out of state, with hopes of making it to nationals in Florida this December. However, as you can imagine, these travel expenses can quickly add up. I am writing to request your support in the form of donations towards the costs of fuel, lodging, travel, equipment, and registration fees. Your generosity would play a pivotal role in ensuring I can fully participate in this football season, gaining valuable experience and making cherished memories along the way. No contribution is too small, and every little bit would make a significant difference in helping me pursue my passion. As a token of my appreciation, I would be more than happy to provide updates on my progress throughout the season. Follow me on IG @bigflyj52. Your support will not only have a direct impact on my football journey but will also serve as a testament to the power of community and the kindness of strangers. Thank you for taking the time to consider supporting me on this remarkable adventure. With your help, I can continue to grow both on and off the field, gaining valuable skills and lifelong lessons that will stay with me forever. Sincerely, Julian Reyes

Josh Kates$900.
Kevin Ehm$100.
Saul Uribe$100.
eric castillo$100.
Kim Nieblas$75.
Maya Reyes $75.
Juan Macias$50.
Lucky Sansano$50.
Jeremy Shepard$50.
Christopher Serrano$50.

Keep grinding ????

Kevin Ehm | $100 | .

Even tho you play for the ducks , In my eyes you are an eagle ! FLY HIGH ! De aquí para el real mijo ya eres parte de mi familia

Saul Uribe | $100 | .

Enjoy your time, Make it count and make us proud!

eric castillo | $100 | .

Good luck Julian!!

Kim Nieblas | $75 | .

Do work this season j - bone!

Juan Macias | $50 | .

Have fun Julian! Play hard Play fast. ☘️

Lucky Sansano | $50 | .

???? ????

Christopher Serrano | $50 | .

Good luck Julian!

Veasna Kasem | $50 | .

“Good luck Julian!!”

Diana Madrigal | $50 | .

Let’s go Champpppp ????????

Martin Medina | $50 | .

We've raised $1,910 of our $7,500.00 goal