Samuel Carlisle Jr

Sonny's 2023 Football Season

We've raised $527 of our $5,000.00 goal

Sonny's 2023 Football Season

Greetings Family, For all of us, who remember our childhood hopes and aspirations. I am asking you to participate with the Carlisle family, in Sonny's Elite football experience. Samuel "Sonny" Jr. is a worthy candidate. He helps care for his sick grandmother who lives with us. And has had his fair share of "tough times" enduring the loss of his mother just a few years ago. We are asking to assist with only Sonny's expenses, which will cover his travel and accommodations. Team plays in Miami July 15, 2023, Georgia, twice in Arizona and Up and down California as well as playoffs being held in Florida. He is an "up and coming" football athlete who is working on being a D1 college football player and graduate. His academics have always carried A's with scoring in the accelerated areas in his CAASPP testing. In our campaign of "IT TAKES A VILLAGE TO RAISE A CHILD", on behalf of the Carlisle family I want to express our heartfelt gratitude to all of you in OUR VILLAGE

Roy Carlisle$87.
DaeDae & Pooka Utuone$55.
Angela Sutton $50.
Mohamud Mahmoud$50.
Sampson Lavea$50.
Emanuel Velazco$50.
Jeanna Sheridan$25.
Hector Ramirez $20.
Hector Ramirez $20.

To my Precious Grandson Prince Samuel Carlisle Jr. I'm Proud of you. God's Bless you and your Team with Victory. Love Always from Grandpa Earl and Grandma Diamond with Our Family.


Good Grades

Roy Carlisle | $87 | .

Love you!

DaeDae & Pooka Utuone | $55 | .

Sonny is a great sport & player, in all he’s does. He always goes with God everywhere. So talented & strong in Spirit, So blessed all the way , Go Sonny Go , Yay ????????

Angela Sutton | $50 | .

Bless the children

David Burrow | $20 | .

We've raised $527 of our $5,000.00 goal