Aiden Downton

Aiden's Trip to nationals!!!

We've raised $455 of our $3,000.00 goal

Aiden's Trip to nationals!!!

Aiden and the O.G. Ducks aka The (Hotboyz)) Have just won the Super Bowl . At 19-0 we have won the Super Bowl, and regionals and now with a chance to win nationals we are asking for your help in getting Aiden there. nationals will be in Naples Florida for 8 days. He has worked really hard and would really appreciate the help . The money we raise will cover expenses such as Travel, rentals, and All other expenses needed for Aiden’s nationals trip. Every contribution, no matter how small, will make a significant difference in Aiden's goal. We're grateful for your support and kindness, and we thank you for helping us make this unforgettable, experience possible. Thank you for your generosity and for believing in our young athlete.

Sterling Brim$200.
Richard Cummings $100.
Teresa Cummings$50.
Ricco Cummings$20.
Samuel Hurn$20.
Norma Jordan$15.
Teresa Cummings$10.

Good Luck AA

Richard Cummings | $100 | .

Nana favorite growing star Aiden Downton

Teresa Cummings | $50 | .

I love you big dawg , Do your thang and make me proud cuzzo

Ricco Cummings | $20 | .

God bless you guys,

Samuel Hurn | $20 | .

Good luck with the donations Aiden!!! I hope you meet your goal!!!

Norma Jordan | $15 | .

We've raised $455 of our $3,000.00 goal