Kairin Brunt

Help Kairin go to the National Championships in Florida!

We've raised $2,887 of our $3,000.00 goal

Help Kairin go to the National Championships in Florida!

Hi family and friends! My name is Kairin Brunt. I am truly blessed to have received an invitation to compete for a National Championship in Florida. With a grateful heart, I am kindly asking for your support, to help aide my travel expenses, as I will be out there for 10 days. I am so excited for this opportunity and looking forward to an amazing experience. No donation is too small and all contributions and well wishes are greatly appreciated! I promise to make you all proud! Love, Kairin

Rick Daboda$600.
Rick Daboda$500.
Josh Obregon$300.
Janet Ropati$100.
Ian Matthews$100.
Trish Pham $100.
Sarah Mata $100.
Damian Bortz$100.
Andrew Brunt$100.
Jessica Brunt $100.


Rick Daboda | $500 | .

β€œBall out and bring back the Natty! Most of all cherish EVERY moment. Have fun πŸ€™β€

Josh Obregon | $300 | .

β€œLet’s go Kairin!! ”

Janet Ropati | $100 | .

β€œLets go Kairin and Co.!!! Yall got this keep going πŸβœ…πŸ™πŸ½πŸ’ͺπŸ½β€

Ian Matthews | $100 | .

β€œDo your best Kairin”

Trish Pham | $100 | .

β€œAlways proud of you Kairin , love you ! ”

Sarah Mata | $100 | .

β€œSo proud of you kid go get that Natty you deserve it miss you kid ❀️ Coach Bortz ”

Damian Bortz | $100 | .

β€œLove you Neff!!!”

Andrew Brunt | $100 | .

β€œLove you Kairin! Bring home the win! - love Nana ”

Jessica Brunt | $100 | .

β€œGo get that natty!!”

Nation Whittington | $75 | .

We've raised $2,887 of our $3,000.00 goal