Max Peters

MP’s Phoenix Allstars Football

We've raised $1,165 of our $2,000.00 goal

MP’s Phoenix Allstars Football

Max worked so hard with his football team this season and had so much fun! He was recognized as “defensive player of the year!!” His hard work and dedication got him an invite to the Phoenix Allstars 14 U team. They will be traveling to Florida the first week of December so if you are able to help donate anything he would really appreciate it!

Justin Mele$200.
Benjamin Van Horn$200.
Michelle Horowitz$100.
Tammy Kafenbaum$100.
Brian Kafenbaum$100.
Ryan Kinsley$50.
Alberto Ramos$50.
Lindsay Hayes$50.
Keith Bolognese $50.
Meribeth Johnson$50.

Good luck MP, the VH’s are rooting for you!

Benjamin Van Horn | $200 | .

Congratulations Max! Good luck and have fun in Florida!

Tammy Kafenbaum | $100 | .

Well done and good luck !

Ryan Kinsley | $50 | .

Go Max!

Lindsay Hayes | $50 | .

Go Max!!!

Meribeth Johnson | $50 | .

Best of luck Max. Love you Grandma!

Boni Peters | $25 | .

Good luck Max

Lupita Wallis | $25 | .

Congratulations MAX on your selection Play safe and well Have a great week! You make us all proud.

David Shapiro | $25 | .

Good luck, Max! Love, Aunt Pati

Trish Burr-Peters | $25 | .

Good luck Max!!

Tara Smith | $20 | .

We've raised $1,165 of our $2,000.00 goal