Lovell (Trey) Johnson

Lovell (Trey) Johnson's Football Fundraiser

We've raised $936 of our $3,000.00 goal

Lovell (Trey) Johnson's Football Fundraiser

Hello Family and Friends, It's me Lovell (Trey) Johnson, I am an 8-year-old student-athlete who plays football for the #1 team 'The OG Ducks'. This season is going to be an amazing year for us. We are going to be traveling to different cities and states, competing with the best of the best, but, in order for me to do that I need your help. I need to raise at least $3000 to help fund my traveling expenses, team gear, and any unexpected expenses that may arise. If you would like to support me on my venture please feel free to donate what your hearts desire, every dollar counts. I thank each and every one of you in advance, and if you are unable to donate at this time I understand, and I appreciate you just as much. Much love, Trey.

Zipporah Brown $121.
Australia Williams$100.
Dino Townsel$50.
Gena Barbee$50.
Devin Howard $50.
Nikko Taylor$50.
Stephanie Dodson$50.
Deanda Brooks$50.
The Riggsbys$50.
Maricela Bedolla $50.

Go Trey Trey! I love to see you working hard and shining! Sending so much love #21!!!

Zipporah Brown | $121 | .

Here’s a little something to help…. Love you Godson ????

Australia Williams | $100 | .

Continue to strive for success. TEAM

Dino Townsel | $50 | .

Ti loves you!

Gena Barbee | $50 | .

We love you star player.

Nikko Taylor | $50 | .

Congrats little cousin. So proud of you !!!

Stephanie Dodson | $50 | .


Deanda Brooks | $50 | .

Congratulations Tre keep up the great work good luck to you and the rest of the team

Maricela Bedolla | $50 | .

Congratulations Nephew we're so proud of you, keep up the great work good luck and safe travels

Maricela Bedolla | $40 | .


Clarence Lott | $40 | .

We've raised $936 of our $3,000.00 goal