Fort Hood Cadets

Cadets Annual Fundraiser

We've raised $14,319 of our $15,000 goal

This campaign has ended. Thank you for those who have supported us.
Cadets Annual Fundraiser

Hi, we are the Cadets. We are a Youth Sports Organization located in Central Texas. Our goal is to provide the families in our community a team environment where their children can learn, compete and fall in love with their sport. We currently offer both flag and tackle football along with cheer. Like so many things today, the gear, equipment, facility rentals, end of year awards banquet and the countless other expenses from the beginning to the end of a football season are higher today than ever before. Fundraising allows us the opportunity to keep participation fees as low as possible so all can participate. With your help, we can reach our goal and provide as many families as possible a hometown youth sports team they can feel proud of.

Terry Schramm$500.
CJ Designs$356.
CJ Designs$356.
CJ Designs$340.
Cody Ellegood$325.
Megan Gordon$225.
Angel Gengler$200.
Angel Gengler$200.
MaryAnn Villarreal$200.
Steven Hersem$200.

Good work this season, both on and off the field.

CJ Designs | $356 | .

Congratulations on all the hard work this season both on and off the field.

CJ Designs | $356 | .

Man I’m so proud you have no idea this something we always talked about together I wish I could be there I love you kiddo - uncle Cody

Cody Ellegood | $325 | .

Good luck this season!! We will be cheering loudly for you in the stands!! Let’s go Cadets!!

Megan Gordon | $225 | .

Aloha, and blessings from aunty Sallie and Obama.

Angel Gengler | $200 | .

Pray this helps you meet your goal. From your church family. God bless this football season.

Angel Gengler | $200 | .

Way to go, Xavierius and Alexander! We are proud of you, Grandma and Grandpa lover you very much!

MaryAnn Villarreal | $200 | .

Go get after it, William. Love you, Uncle Gator

Steven Hersem | $200 | .

Keep giving it ur all everyday Dom

Tonia Strohmeier | $185 | .

Have a great season I

Melvena Barton | $100 | .

Fort Hood CadetsABOUT Fort Hood Cadets

Welcome to the home page of the Fort Hood Cadets. Located outside Fort Hood in Killeen, Texas, we are a AAU Youth Flag, Tackle Football and Cheerleading Organization. Our staff and dedicated volunteers are committed to the athletic development of our youth by placing an emphasis on TRAINING FIRST! YES, we practice and play in Killeen Every good parent wants their child to get playing time and win, but when you dig to the bottom, what everyone really wants is for that child to get better, have fun, learn the game and come back next year. This is what TRAINING provides and TRAINED athletes have fun and WIN!



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We've raised $14,319 of our $15,000.00 goal

This campaign has ended. Thank you for those who have supported us.